cmcl innovations is a multi-award winning software developer and consultancy services provider for the engineering and technology sector. We have over a decade of experience in delivering highly innovative computer aided engineering (CAE) solutions to the automotive, non-road, marine, motorsportenergy & chemical industries.

Our world-class technical expertise covers a wide range of simulation and optimisation techniques; right from techno-economic and data-driven analysis through to detailed physics-based, thermodynamics/fluids and chemical kinetics-intensive design. Our customers include many of the world’s major energy and chemical companies, transportation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), supply chain organisations, governments and academic institutions.

our award-winning products

Particle Formation and Models in IC Engines

Prof. Markus Kraft co-authored a technical paper with Prof. David Kittelson, focusing on Particle Formation and Models in IC Engines. This paper reviews work on aerosols originating from IC Engines with an emphasis on soot formation during in-cylinder combustion process. For more information please click here.

IGCC and XtL technologies: Coal and Syngas

Our CEO, Dr Amit Bhave, will chair the session on “Alternative Biomass and Coal Conversion” at the 6th International Freiberg Conference on IGCC and XtL technologies: Coal Conversion and Syngas, Dresden Radebeul, Germany [19 - 22 May 2014] for more information please click here.

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