cmcl innovations is a multi-award winning software developer and consultancy services provider for the engineering and technology sector. We have over a decade of experience in delivering highly innovative computer aided engineering (CAE) solutions to the automotive, non-road, marine, motorsportenergy & chemical industries.

Our world-class technical expertise covers a wide range of simulation and optimisation techniques; right from techno-economic and data-driven analysis through to detailed physics-based, thermodynamics/fluids and chemical kinetics-intensive design. Our customers include many of the world’s major energy and chemical companies, transportation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), supply chain organisations, governments and academic institutions.

our award-winning products

SAE Fuels & Lubricants 2014

Meet us at the company booth (Hall 4) and at our technical paper presentation on “High- Dimensional Sensitivity Analysis Applied at Vehicle Component and System Level in the Context of CO2 Exhaust Emissions”, at the SAE Conference in Birmingham (20-23 Oct. 2014).

User showcase: Engine knock and pre-ignition

TU Wien and GM Powertrain Europe presented a paper, “A Comprehensive Simulation Approach to Irregular Combustion”, at the SAE World Congress (SAE Paper 2014-01-1214), sharing their insights into knock onset and pre-ignition in a 4-cylinder DISI engine.

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