Company Profile

Computational Modelling Cambridge Ltd.  (CMCL Innovations) develops and markets engineering software and offers technical consultancy services to solve practical problems in the automotive, energy, materials and chemical industries.

Our innovative, multi-award winning software products provide workable solutions to our customers enabling them to simulate, design and optimise their process or engineering systems (physical and chemical). For example, our flagship software, “kinetics & SRM Engine Suite” continues to be applied by powertrain developers and fuel companies worldwide to design and optimize low-carbon, emission-compliant technologies. Our model development suite (MoDS) software is used to develop cost-effective reduced order surrogate models, parameter estimation, optimisation, model-based design of experiments and uncertainty analysis.

For over a decade, the technical team at CMCL Innovations has offered committed software support and training, as well as engineering consultancy services to help alleviate the techno-economic challenges facing the aforementioned industries. This multi-industry know-how has been further fostered by leading and through active participation in multi-partner collaborative advanced engineering projects in the area of computer aided engineering (CAE), information communications and technology (ICT), powertrains, big data, carbon-abatement, chemical processes, virtual engineering, emissions reduction, and energy sustainability.

As a technology-intensive, export-driven company, we are proud to work with leading transportation OEMs, energy and chemical companies, engineering OEMs, governments, R&D organisations and the academic community worldwide.

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