As a company CMCL Innovations has won a number of awards in recent years recognising the quality and innovative nature of our products and services:

sae-award Dr Julian Dizy of CMCL Innovations has been awarded the Society of Automtive engineers (SAE) World Congress Excellence in Oral Presentation Award for the technical paper “Application of the SRM Engine Suite over the Entire Load-Speed Operation of a U.S. EPA Tier 4 Capable IC Engine“, which he presented at the SAE World Congress in Detroit USA, 4-6 April 2016.
P141668_100x100_HR 2015 “Industry Innovator” recognition from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to showcase CMCL Innovations’ kinetics & SRM Engine Suite, and MoDS toolkits at the “Innovators Only” exhibition at the SAE World Congress (21-23 April 2015) in Detroit, USA.
SAE20102011innovator CMCL Innovations has been recognised as an SAE Industry Innovator for the second year in a row. Meet us at our booth at the SAE 2011 World Congress in Detroit, USA (21-23 April 2015) to learn about the innovative engineering software and services that have earned CMCL Innovations this award.
 DSC_0695 The SRM Engine Suite has received the highly-prized AEI 2010 Tech award. From the many technologies exhibited at the SAE 2010 World Congress, the editors of Automotive Engineering magazine selected ten innovative technologies in different categories to receive this award. cmcl innovations received the AEI 2010 Tech award in the category of simulation software. Automotive Engineering recently featured an article entitled Emissions reduction through advanced engine models, highlighting some of the srm suite’s innovative tools.
 DSC_0677 Dr Amit Bhave of CMCL Innovations has been awarded the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress Outstanding Oral Presentation Award for the technical paper Moving Toward Establishing More Robust and Systematic Model Development for IC Engines Using Process Informatics, which he presented at the SAE World Congress in Detroit USA, 13-15 April 2010. SAE World Congress is one of the most esteemed engineering conferences for the automotive industry with attendance topping 10,000, mostly from engineering and executive disciplines.
 SAEPresenterAward2010 A paper entitled “Sustainable Management of Industrial Collaborations in E-Lab Learning” written by CMCL Innovations, University of Cambridge, and Delft University of Technology, won the best paper award at the 3rd International REV Conference on Remote Engineering & Virtual Instrumentation held 29 June – 2 July 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. The paper featured cmcl innovations’ innovative virtual laboratory platform, srm websuite. Visit the REV2010 website and click “Best Paper Award” for more information.
 REVAward2010 East of England Development Agency ICASE award 2009 – “Alt-blend: Alternative fuel based blending strategies for advanced clean Diesel engines”

In addition, whilst developing our technologies our technical staff have won many prestigious national and international awards in the fields of combustion, engineering, science and mathematics.

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