Advanced Reactors

By default, kinetics is supplied with a full library of chemical reactors. Each reactor model is conveniently set up through the user friendly graphical user interface, and during run time offers comfortable, graphical real-time display of reactor states or flames structures.

Users can investigate the influence of key chemistry and reactor related parameters, through automated parameters sweeps, sensitivity and pathway analysis. Furthermore the influence of process and operating conditions can be compared with respect to experimental data.

In addition, a full set of tutorials and example projects are available as training materials.

Advanced reactors currently available in kinetics (with engines from the srm engine suite)

Advanced reactors currently available in kinetics

Our Reactor Library

Currently, kinetics offers a variety of advanced reactors including (but not limited to)…

  • Chemical Equilibrium Calculator
  • Constant Volume (CV) and Pressure (CP) reactors
  • Constant Volume (CVa) and Pressure (CPa) Adiabatic reactors
  • Plug Flow Reactor (PFR)
  • Perfectly-Stirred Reactor (PeSR)
  • Partially-Stirred Reactor (PaSR), including advanced turbulence models
  • Advanced in-cylinder combustion simulation in IC engines via the industry leading srm engine suite (SI, DI, CIDI, DISI, HCCI, PCCI combustion modes).


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