Supporting the Powertrain Design Process

We are a multi-award winning company offering advanced computational modelling solutions, we have experience in dealing with the technical challenges associated with the development of powertrain systems right from single cylinder research engines, to the largest multi-cylinder marine and power-gen applications.

How Can We Help You?

Innovative software products:  We have a portfolio of advanced simulation technologies for application to the automotive, truck, marine and non-road powertrain markets. Our tools (SRM Engine Suite, kinetics and MoDS) enable greater insight as well as swift and robust optimisation of powertrain systems for fuels, combustion, performance and emissions. The software products offer efficient workflows via user-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUI), and are fully supported by our Technical Support team. The products work in a stand-alone mode as well as coupled with other third party industrial software.

Technical and strategic consulting:  We have highly technical and experience staff ready to help you solve your technical challenges. For the last decade we have carried out technical and strategic consulting services in advanced powertrain development. If you are interested in hearing more about any of our past or on-going projects, please get in touch.

As the development of additional and ever mode advanced powertrain technologies continues, the requirement for new software solutions and models is on-going. We support our customers by developing bespoke solutions aimed at their ever evolving technical problems.

Collaborative research and development:  We have been actively involved in world-class research and development for over a decade. During this time we have built-up a strong network of partners in both commercial and academic research. At present, we are actively involved in several R&D projects with our industrial and academic partners, including government co-funded collaborative initiatives.


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