Chemical Mechanism Development

There are hundreds of chemical kinetic mechanisms of varying levels of detail, designed for multi-purposes or for very specific chemical processes.

Nevertheless these mechanisms may require further refinement/redesign to achieve;

  • A faster result through simplification and reduction
  • A result more appropriate for your specific applications
  • Improvement in their performance based on user experience/experimental data
  • The inclusion of further chemical species i.e. NOx, PM, other fuels

These improvements can be carried out directly by customers using our kinetics software tools. However our customers may wish to outsource these development activities to our expert engineers based at CMCL Innovations. If this is the case, please contact us.

Typical Projects

  • Advanced chemical model surrogates for diesel or gasoline fuels
  • Chemical model surrogates for bio-conventional fuel blends
  • Simple chemical model surrogate for diesel fuel for 3D CFD applications
  • Advanced chemical model surrogate for dual fuel natural gas/diesel engine applications
  • Practical fuel surrogates based on octane number data
  • Titanium dioxide and silica material synthasis

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