Training & Teaching

On-going staff development is critical to maintaining a state-of-the-art workforce. We provide teaching and training to our customers in the following areas;

  • IC engine combustion and emissions formation
  • Chemical kinetics – from fundamentals to practical applications
  • Alternative fuelling concepts: biofuels, hydrogen, CNG, fuel-blends and dual fuels
  • Autoignition, pre-ignition, knock in IC engines
  • Coal and biomass based power generation
  • CCS, CCU: CO2 capture, utilisation and storage
  • data-driven modelling,  uncertainty propagation analysis and surrogate model development
  • Optimisation and intelligent design of experiments (DoE)

Examples of Recent Training Events

  • A 1-day classroom and and virtual lab-based technical training entitled, “Physics-based multi-cycle engine simulations” – IFP School (France), CTI (Germany), Cambridge University (UK)
  • A 2-day on-site (at cmcl innovations) virtual engineering laboratory focusing on the modelling of fuels, combustion and emissions in IC engine applications
  • A 1-day client-site technical training module for OEM engineers: Utilising chemical kinetics for powertrain engineering applications – delivered at JLR, Toyota, Caterpillar, Navistar etc.
  • International Energy Agency (IEA) GHG Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Summer School 2013: Techno-economics of Biomass for Power generation with CCS
  • Advanced IC engine modelling: ECO-Engines 2006 Summer School, France.

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