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Automated analysis and calibration: integrating MoDS with gPROMS

IC Engine Simulation via the Cloud

Applying MoDS’ data-driven feature to powertrain combustion analysis

Rapid engine map generation & automatic model calibration

Automated model parameter estimation using MoDS

Applying Neural Networks to advanced engineering

Applying a Monte Carlo analysis to project management

Global sensitivity analysis of fuel consumption

Automated model calibration and parameter estimation: A case study based on IC engine peak performance measurements

Data-driven surrogate models and analysis for friction application using MoDS

Virtual engine mapping of Tier IV HD diesel engines for non-road applications

Fuel, combustion & emissions analysis in a fraction of the time

Meeting PM-NOx limits through numerical feasibility analysis

The impact of fuel properties on “knocking” combustion in boosted spark ignition engines

Diesel engine optimisation “virtual cylinder” optimisation in terms of design constraints and regulated emissions

Accounting for uncertainties in advanced model parameter estimations

Ab initio modelling of nanoparticle system

Investigating the SI-HCCI transition multi-cycle multi-cylinder transient simulations

Investigating fuel reforming in an HCCI engine with dual injection strategy

Improving engine stability and exhaust emissions through optimisation of the control strategy

Adding depth to 1D engine simulations

Impact of EGR on combustion and emissions in a CNG engine

Probability density function methods for turbulent reacting flows

Transforming data into knowledge-automated model deveopment for IC engines

Predictive combustion simulations for “downsized” direct injection spark-ignition engines

Optimisation of combustion chamber geometry for improved exhaust emissions

Examining soot emissions for boosted diesel engine at high EGR sources

Engine operation design optimisation for modern DISI engines

Advanced combustion concepts and bio-fuels for reduced CO2 emissions

Simulating in-cylinder turbulence & bulk flows

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